LRPS Rejection

My LRPS submission/hanging plan (sans duvet!)

I am still smarting a bit from my rejection from The Royal Photographic Society for my LRPS application.

I am immensely proud of my hanging plan/selection and astounded how good they look printed. Not sure I agree with the comments and not sure I want to try again or continue my membership at this present time.

Having finally received my feedback and my photographs, there has contradiction from the RPS as three shots were post-produced following pre-judging advice which was rejected at the LRPS judging.

One of the shots was labeled as having break up. I had to ask what they meant!

Additionally, two other shots were rejected outright but were accepted to regional RPS exhibitions!

I guess it is all down to individual taste and the judges on the day but I am rather annoyed I took the advice of the judges at the pre-stage.  I also included photos that made it to the regional exhibitions and yet at the LRPS judging they were criticized!

It all feels a little schizophrenic to me.

It’s a learning curve.  I am simply annoyed as to how much effort I put in and I received not only rejection but contradiction from a society I trusted.

It’s taken a while to get my photo’s back but at least I have them now and we will set about framing our favorites for display at home.

I do want to thank One Vision Imagining for their care, support and beautifully executed prints.  My mounted photos look brilliant!

You can take a better look at the photographs here.



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