Lyveden New Bield

This was my first outing with the Bronica ETRS and I learnt a thing or two today!

It certainly made me think about my composition and made me slow down.

The reverse image in the viewfinder takes a bit of getting used to as well as learning the controls for the manual process.

I know I’ve taken at least one shot forgetting to focus (but it looked fine from head height through the waist level viewfinder).

I also took at least two others without setting the aperture or speed as I intended.

The light meter that came with the purchase was surprisingly easy to use once you understand the dials etc. I did use it for each exposure and tried the lens aperture preview which seemed a little dark so I took some as recorded by the light meter and others as I as guided by the lens.

I took my time whilst visiting Lyveden New Bield as it’s such an idyllic spot there’s lots of beautiful compositions to take. Wed not been before and it was a bit of a trek getting there this morning but well worth it.

Thankfully it was relatively quiet and I got a chance to try handheld and tripod shots without lots of people rushing around.

The Bronica is bigger and heavier than my normal cameras and I think I’ll use the Alan key in the future to ensure the holding plate is firmly in place. The set up was fine but moving the camera resulted in me undoing the fastening!

I got 15 shots off the Fomapan of various types but all too soon I had to switch film backs (really chuffed I got two as it enables me to keep a spare).

I did take some Kosmos film to try but am not confident loading the film yet so thought it best to do that when I got home and not in blazing sunlight.

The second film (which came with the camera) ran out on shot 8 which was disappointing but that leads me to believe it was either loaded incorrectly or had a fault. I think it might be useless anyway as I accidentally exposed it to the light when cleaning the camera. Plus I have no idea what film it is so my settings could be completely wrong.

My main film today was the 100 Fomapan which I like shooting in 35mm.

I thoroughly enjoyed shooting with the Bronica and look forward to seeing the results (and finding out whether the camera actually works!).

Lyveden New Bield as seen through the viewfinder of my Bronica ETRS

Richard took some photos of me in action!

A rare glimpse behind the camera…

Thanks love x


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