Day 1, Photo 1, 10,969 steps

As you may know, I am currently taking part in March the Month to walk 11,000 steps a day, every day in September to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK.

Early this morning I went for a run and we were out and about.  However, it looked like I might not reach the target today so I went for a walk.

I was simply taking a walk around the block.  Nothing special.

It was when I happened against a butterfly resting on the pavement I decided to take a photograph.  I also saw the weather closing in and took another.

Recently I have been considering producing a new zine and had some ideas but didn’t settle on anything in particular.  But then today, during the walk, inspiration struck.

Why not utilise the days I am out and about raising money to take a photograph each day to record what catches my eye and produce a zine to illustrate this month.  I can then also donate the money from the sales of the zine to Prostate Cancer UK.

I don’t know what I will shoot, I will use each day in September to take at least one photograph whilst I am building up my 11,000 steps and see what the result is at the end of the month.

I do not plan to use a particular camera, format, preset etc, I will decide on this when the month is complete.  For now, I am keeping things fluid.

I won’t be sharing these photos every day this month (unless there is something really special).  I will save this for the zine when I produce it.

With 30 photos it might be a big zine but I am looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

Wish me luck!

Don’t forget you can sponsor me online and help me raise money for Prostate Cancer UK during September 2019.

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