In Focus: Olympus Passion Magazine Article about My Photography


I am so proud to be able to report that I have an article in the September 2019 edition of Olympus Passion Magazine 😉

I was approached a little while ago as the editors liked the content I was sharing online and thought it would make for an interesting editorial about my approach to photography.

I admit it took a while to write the piece and the selection of photos have been curated between the editors and myself.

Unexpectedly they asked for work from my entire back catalogue and with any camera. I am not sure many people have been featured in the Olympus Magazine having images shot on my smartphone, Leica, Fujifilm or Pentax but they did. And I have to say they all look great. This confirms to me the notion of the best camera is the one you have with you and that the camera is a tool, you are the photographer.

Even though I knew this was happening it’s such a proud and humbling moment to see my work in the magazine.

I often doubt my work is professional or worthy of sharing to wider circles but am very pleased to see how my photos stand up against the other fantastic work in this months edition.


I am especially happy with the above photograph having such prominence as I have always liked the candid and innocent nature of the shot but had serious doubts about it after it was dismissed by several judging panels at the Royal Photographic Society. Further proof that I was right to give up my membership and focus on the photography, topics, subject and approach that I enjoy.

Seeing my name on the front of the magazine is a bit of a thrill!


I have included some of the feature here with links to Olympus Passion Magazine where you can obtain a copy.

Special thanks to Maurício & Hugo for contacting me and featuring my work.  🙂


  1. Congrats. Bet you’re proud as punch.

    I can understand your decision regarding the RPS. While I’ve never submitted anything to the RPS, I’ve been part of a number of local club competitions and find that the judjing apect really frustrates me. As a result I’ve decided that I’m no longer going to enter any photographs that I am particularly passionate about because I gain nothing from the experience. My photography is about me. I take photographs that I think will be interesting and make them for myself first-and-foremost. It’s always nice when someone else likes them too, but it’s never the reason I take them. Indeed, some of my favourite pictures are ones that no-one else seems to like at all!

    It’s for the same reason that I’ve no interest in seeking CPAGB or other accreditations. I’d be making photos in the hope of pleasing someone else.

    Anyway, congratulations again on the magazine feature!

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    1. Many thanks for the response and your honest opinion. I couldn’t agree more. The RPS were rather bipolar accepting photos for exhibitions but rejecting them for distinctions and grading etc.

      I am super proud to featured and to be honest was super proud to be asked. Seeing the magazine today was a real thrill.

      Thank you


    1. Louis, many thanks. I am so proud and still surprised. Got to show my parents today so am really proud of their reactions.


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