A Day’s Street Photography with Homer Sykes

F/1.8, ISO 200, 1/250, 25mm

Today I enjoyed a day learning about the street photography process from documentary photographer Homer Sykes.

A small group of us met at the Hotshoe cafe just off of Portbello Road and we were given a challenge and some advice from Homer before we separated to capture the colourful characters in the area.

During the day we could head back to the café where Homer would critique our work 1-2-1, offer his advice and suggest other things to try.

Homer also joined us on the street and was genuinely interested in our approach to photography.

He was very pleasant and I learnt quite a bit today.

Homer did challenge us to introduce ourselves to strangers and taken environmental portraits but I must confess I found this hard.

The first person I asked was a lady operating a sewing machine in a laundrette. I had to seek permission from the owner to take a photo but he agreed.

The next two people I asked refused and that dented my confidence.

Coupled with the heavy showers it made for a challenging day.

I reverted to my normal shooting method of continuous photos from a distance, guerrilla style and got some good shots this way.

F/3.5, ISO 200, 1/250, 25mm

I was determined to give Homers challenge a fair try and with his advice approached a couple other people who were more than willing to let me shoot them.

I also had an interesting conversation with an Egyptian baker and his brother over a coffee and an almond croissant.

One young man was surprised when I approached him but I got an excellent portrait and got his email address so I could send the photo to him.

I’ve only browsed the JPEGs on the way home but will studying them all in more detail when I’m home.

There are some good photos and I’m also pleased that Homer agreed with some of my selection whilst also highlighting shots I would have normally passed by.

The group was small and friendly and we all had various degrees of knowledge etc. They were a nice bunch and I’ve picked up a few new Instagram contacts and tips along the way.

I took my Olympus Pen f, the 17mm and my 25mm and switched between them during the day.

Keep an eye on the site for more shots from the day.

Thanks to Wex Photographic for organising such and event.

Find out more about Homer Sykes.


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