Exhibited in London

This weekend is the Fujifilm Print Life exhibition in London.

Europe’s largest publically curated photography exhibition and I was lucky enough to have two photos featured 😁

I stopped by the exhibition with a friend of mine after work to check it out.

Pleased as punch

Annoyingly I couldn’t remember which photos I submitted and there was no order (or directory) to the exhibition so it became a bit of a treasure hunt.

I was so pleased to find my photos and have them displayed amongst such great and varied work in central London.

Vienesse carriage driver taking a break
Modern working
Exhibition entrance on Brick Lane

Whilst I was outside I noticed a limo draw up outside. A group of security were talking to an elderly gentleman in a long coat. I had to do a double take as it was Michael Caine!

I did pap him but it’s not a flattering photo so won’t post it. I’m not sure if he was at the exhibition but he came out of the building so I’d like to think he was.

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