In Focus: #EMULSIVESanta19 and the generosity of others

I am honestly speechless.

Natalie (from Natalie Smart Film Photography), told me about the Emulsive Film Secret Santa so I thought I would give it a go.

Basically, it’s like any other Secret Santa except that it takes place globally amongst a community of analogue photographers.

You create a wish list and a profile and you become the Secret Santa with someone randomly selected.

My gift came from someone in the Netherlands and today I got to open the substantial present.

My wishlist included a couple rolls of film I wanted to try and the possibility of a book.

What I received was so much more!

My Secret Santa was so so generous and I am honestly humbled and speechless by the generosity.

To start with they sent me a Ricohmatic 225 120 TLR!!! In their note, they admit the light meter is not working but everything else is. I cannot wait to give it a try.

If this was not enough they sent me more than enough film stock to last me all year.

My Secret Santa said this is to enable me to experiment and try something new with my analogue photography.

Include in my Secret Santa present was

My Secret Santa stash – so very generous
  • Ricohmatic 225 TLR
  • 3 Presents I have yet to open (believe these are books)
  • 5 rolls of Fomapan
  • 5 rolls of Rollei Infrared
  • 5 rolls of Ilford HP5 Plus
  • A box of expired Velvia 100
  • A box of expired Provia 100F
  • A box of Ektar 100 (not pictured as I have placed into the freezer)
  • A box of Porta 400 (not pictured as I have placed into the freezer)
  • Numerous sweets and snacks and more importantly Stroopwafels (not pictured as we are currently eating them!)
  • A selection of Cyanotype photographs taken by my Secret Santa and a greeting card

I never expected all of this!

The web address for my Secret Santa was included and the site has some wonderful black and white analogue shots.

I was concerned that they had not understood how Secret Santa works but my assumption is that they are very generous.

I have no excuse to not get out and try something new in 2020!

My only hope is that my Secret Santa appreciated the present I sent just as much.

EmulsiveFilm thank you so much for setting this us and engaging analogue photographers around the world.

To find out more about EmulsiveFilms Secret Santa, drop by their web site for details.


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