A New Decade

I remember moving from 1999 to 2000 and thinking that was the future – working on the Y2K bug at the time certainly did seem like the world was one where technology would be key. I had no idea we would get to where we are today and no I idea I would get to where I am today.

2020 feels even more like the future than 2000 but in some ways, things are still the same. We are a world obsessed with technology, slaves, to smartphones and social media and yet we are turning our backs on that same technology to favour analogue cameras, vinyl records etc.

I am not sure 2020 is what the sci-fi writers of the ’60s and ’70s imagined but it is certainly a different world.

2020 marks my 20th year away from Devon and my 20th year working in the Capital. I am not sure the Keith who started working on the Y2K bug would have imagined how far I would have come nor how much I have travelled or how much I have experienced this world.

I am looking forward to this new decade but am old enough now to expect the unexpected. 2019 was a turbulent and jubilant year and probably a year where I learned the most about myself and what life has to throw at you.

This is also true of the experiences life offers to you and taking every opportunity to make the most of the time you have (no matter how small or grand that action may be).

I don’t make new years resolutions but do aim for some targets in the year and this year is no exception.

As I start 2020 I plan to continue my journey as a photographer, growing my skills, expanding my experiences and pushing myself to try new (and old) things.

I now have a formidable collection of film cameras and thanks to one very generous Secret Santa, I not only have my Bronica ETRS but I now own a Ricohmatic 225. The Ricoh came with a large amount of 120 film which gives me no excuse to get out and learn and shoot new things and new ideas with the stock and equipment I have at my disposal.


My Sketchbook and Artist case

I will continue to share my work to see what people think, to learn about my work and others opinions of it.

I also plan to broaden my scope of work and look for new opportunities. I have already taken the first step and joined the Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project. My Sketchbook arrived in December and my first couple of pages are complete. I have until August to submit my work for inclusion into the gallery and will use my photography as a way to create content.

I have also purchased a DJI Osmo Pocket and plan to learn how to use this to record more of my adventures and experiences.


I have only had it a couple days but have managed to get some interesting footage from it. I hope to take this with me and learn how to use it whenever I have any downtime. I might even add new content to my YouTube channel!

I start the year with a bit of travelling for work so I have no excuse not to take a camera with me and capture my experiences (given the TSA changes in scanning equipment I am not sure any of my film cameras will be going to the USA though!).

Despite the ups and downs of 2019, I believe it was a beneficial year and hope this trend continues into 2020.

Happy New Year everyone and many thanks for all the likes, comments, advice and support.




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