End of an Era

I’ve been a long term user of Flickr and a Pro user pretty much since Flickr started.

I’ve stuck with it between all the take overs and changes but this latest request from the head of Flickr for more money is a step too far.

It’s been a great service and I enjoyed the options Flickr gave but I don’t have a use for it anymore.

It’s simply another place to upload my photos and yes I get nice comments and likes but it’s not the community it was.

It was also a great place to learn about gear and see what’s possible with kit but I don’t need an account to access that.

I understand Flickrs reasons for the costs and I understand the benefits of such a service but £60 a year is simply too much.

Google Photos enables me to back up my photos. I already pay a monthly charge for this. My best photos are in Adobe CC (I pay a monthly charge for this) and I back everything up on several devices in the house.

I’ve managed to download all of my Flickr content today and now have these securely backed up in the house. All 13,521 of them.

They’re not all prize winning photos but they are sentimental. I was using Flickr I think before Richard and I got together so I have 20 years of snaps, artwork and photographs safety downloaded and backed up.

This was the only reason I kept Flickr was as a back up for my best work and the historical content.

Now I’ve finally managed to download everything there is no need to renew.

Come the beginning of June my account will revert to a normal one and I know photos will be deleted but at least I have the complete set offline now.

It’s a shame such a great service has had so many problems but this is the way of the internet. People expect everything for free and end up paying the price through ads such as Facebook or Instagram (and soon WhatsApp).

The alternative is to pay an annual cost but I don’t think Flickr have got it right. The new charge is hefty and it’s £60 I could put towards film or other kit.

Sorry Flickr, it was fun, but now, your time has come.

Flickr app, soon to be deleted for good



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