Bye, Bye Zeiss?

I am now in receipt of my second roll of film from using the Zeiss Nettar 515 and I think I am going to call it a day.

My second attempt came out better but to be honest I am not blown away with the results.

Considering these shots were test ones, set up to enable me to see if the camera was working.

It clearly is but there is grain in the shots and unusually for me, the photos are heavily underexposed.

I had the same conditions and nearly identical settings for all 8 shots and they vary from light and grainy to really dark.

This alone isn’t enough to deter me, but what is, is knowing each of these shots was taken with the camera resting on it’s “stand”.

None of these shots really capture the view I was expecting.

Some (which were level when shot) are not level in the final prints.

Also, I had trouble with my operation of the shutter which caused one shot to be blurry. Also, I am not sure I have the patience to ensure the bellows are fully extended when shooting – it all adds up to more and more to do to get lacklustre photographs.

If this is how the shots come out simply by putting the camera on a stable surface, I have no real hope in using this handheld.

So here three shots I am happy to share and why (all shot at F22, 125, focus set to infinity (except the gnome)) …


Really underexposed and the stand does not allow any height


Fairly crisp but not even (straightened in post)


Underexposed test of the camera testing the focal length (gnome is 1.5 metres from the lens)

Do you think I am being unfair on this little camera, is it operator error?

Honestly, I think I am going to list this camera on eBay and see if someone else can make better use of it than me.

Would you be interested in purchasing this camera from me? (Drop me a line in the comments).



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