All-time favourite

Storm Dennis has covered the UK in a deluge of wind and rain and I am currently sat home alone at the computer.

Richard is on his way to Tampa via JFK and it’s made me think about our upcoming trip to the Big Apple.

I was looking at my old photo’s to see what and how I was shooting when I was in NYC previously.

I think the main difference will be the kit, last time I went was with the Olympus EM5 MKII and didn’t have the array of lenses I have now.

I now own the Pro 12-40mm which is my travel workhorse but I also have the tiny 17mm lens which opens to f/1.8.

The Pen f is the perfect street camera and coupled with the 17mm will be ideal for street photography giving me a 35mm equivalent range of 34mm.

Browsing my archive, I love this shot of the man in the bobble hat I took in 2017 and keep coming back to it.

This is the reason I love travelling, street photography and NYC as there is so much life and vibrancy to capture and observe.

Olympus EM5 MKII, 20mm Lumix, f/2.2 1/60 ISO 200

It’s probably not the best photo ever, nor the best street photo but I love it and I keep coming back to it.

I love the innocence and the mystery of the man in the hat.  He’s cold enough for a hat and a jumper but not a jacket or scarf.  The crowds and lights of Times Square given the photo life and vibrancy.

I am hoping for similar opportunities when I am next in NYC.

There will be some new experiences to try on this trip.  I have booked tickets for the Vessel at Hudson Yards as well as our old favourite, Top of the Rock.  I think we may spend a day in Brooklyn on this trip.

Due to the TSA changing airport scanners in the States, I won’t be taking any analogue cameras with me as I don’t want the hassle of having to ask the TSA team to let me carry the film through the scanner by hand.

This trip will be shot with the Pen F and possibly the Osmo Pocket.

Now to start counting down the days to the trip.

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