Classic Chrome

I am not an impulsive buyer, I always research everything to the ninth degree but for some reason lately, I have let my normal mode slip.  (I won’t mention the rather fabulous but expensive camera bag I bought at B&H Photo in New York!).

You may recall that I purchased a FujiFilm X100S, trading in my EM5 MKII.  Even with all the research, I didn’t realise that the lack of wifi would be an issue for me.

I was also considering what style of photos I like and the look of them.

Whilst on holiday I had (too much) time to think about this and decided to trade in the S for the X100T!  So I did!

Thankfully the leather case, batteries I got for the S all fit the T so I am not that much out of pocket.

Why did I do it?  Well just as I said above, to give me the ability to transfer the photos from the camera to my phone (have yet to get it to work on my computer – anyone got any advice on how to do this please let me know!).

To give me the additional Classic Chrome film simulation.

To allow me more flexibility in the set up (the X100T is much more configurable than the X100S (but still not quite on the same level as Olympus cameras)).

Was it the right decision?

I think so.

I have not had a great opportunity to try it yet but what I have shot I am happy with.

Perversely I shot this following photo using the black and white setting I had created on the X100S (which is close to how I have my Pen f set up) but after importing to Lightroom I prefer the colour version.  There is something about FujiFilm colours whether digital or analogue.

For this, I used the Lightroom version of Classic Chrome which gives just a little colour cast on the cat and the background which is very subtle but I like it a lot.

X100T 28mm ISO 200 1/400 f/2.8

Now I have it set up and in the wrap-around leather case, it’s perfect the throw into my bag and take with me whenever I am out and about.

We are due to visit the Photography Show next weekend (Corona Virus dependant) and will take the X100T with me.

Watch this space for more photos and impressions of the FujiFilm X100T.

If you’re interested how I managed to chop and change the camera’s, it’s because I used the trade-in facility at MPB.  I cannot fault their service.

Thanks for your comment!

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