Two types of people

My parents celebrating their 50th Anniversary last year

Like many people I have been home, isolated and some distance from my parents.

Both of my parents fall into the government’s vulnerable group and live alone 284 miles away from us.

So far I have managed to organise their shopping to be delivered to them but the slots are running out and regardless of the government and supermarket promises, I cannot resolve this so I am worried how my folks will get provisions and stay safe.

I’ve spent many a day and night worrying, stressing, trying to find solutions and finding myself going round in circles.

During my daily call with my parents, my dad asked is Amazon sold seeds.

He’s a very keen gardener but not been able to get out and about since he got ill last year.

Typically I looked on Amazon but the seeds they do have come with a very long waiting time as everyone else is buying them.

I told him this and his response was;

Not to worry son, I was thinking about what I could grow in the house to help your mother and I out.

I was taken aback.

My dad is very quiet, keeps himself to himself but sometimes he surprises me and I love him for it.

With everything else going on in the world, people stockpiling food, people mugging people for toilet roll and my parents being faced with maybe having to go shopping, my dad has tried to find a solution.

Like a fool I left last years seeds in the garden and they have gone mouldy – no idea what I was thinking.

My response was clear, last summer he was diagnosed and it’s only natural that became the focus of his attention last summer.

I continued talking to my dad and was desperately trying to work out how I could help.

Those (Garderner’s World) Magazines you get me were handy, there were some tomato seeds in there so I have planted them and their on the living room windowsill.

I could see my dad was determined to do whatever he could to ensure he and mum were fed and he had something to focus on whilst stuck at home.

I remembered one of the large seed companies based in the south-west and visited their web site. They are experiencing web traffic issues on the site but were open for business and promising to deliver within 14 days.

Dad stated he would like to try and grow some beans, some peas and some beetroot and I managed to acquire all of the seeds he wanted.

Now we wait and hope they arrive and my dad can focus on his mini allotment.

I find him truly amazing, in amongst all this adversity he’s trying to find a way to support himself and my mum within the confines of his home.

I am truly humbled and blessed to have such a wonderful father (parents for that matter).

My dad is the first type of person…

The second type of person..?

Whilst on my allowed walk for exercise today I passed a middle-class lady on a narrow path walking her two beagles.

I stepped onto some stairs out of her way so we had the recommended distance between us.

Her response?

Thank you

Of course I don’t believe in any of this social distance clap trap!

My response?

Sorry love, I do!

What makes me so angry is this woman doesn’t realise is she will be the person who ends up in a shop or walking past someone vulnerable and infect them. And she will probably be fine.

Her attitude and her response just make me so angry. I cannot believe how selfish some people are.

Please be more like my dad and consider others, do what you can to help your situation, think on your feet and stay safe at home – it’s not difficult.

1/750 f/4 ISO 200 23mm X100T

Abandoned Bunny was snapped on my walk, shortly after passing the woman mentioned above.

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