In Focus: A great resource for those new to film photography

I have been purchasing film from Analogue Wonderland in the UK for some time now and am always really pleased with their stocks, their knowledge and their great customer service.

They’ve recently started to produce analogue photography shows online with the intention to bring the topic to a wider audience and to highlight the art and skills of film photography.

Analogue Wonderland have just produced The Best Film Photography Guide for Beginners and I think this a brilliant guide to those starting out in the world of analogue photography or for those who require a refresher.

This is supported by a great video series for beginners on YouTube.

If you have an interest in film photography, whether that’s SLR, automatic pocket cameras, 35mm, 120 etc be sure to pay them a visit.


  1. Learning film photography can be tricky, especially if you’re spent a good bit of time shooting digital. I’ve had the privilege of working in a darkroom in college and there are plenty of things I still get mixed up. And since film is expensive, and development sometimes more so — assuming you don’t learn to do it yourself — I’ve found a lot of beginners feel a lot of pressure to get their shots right. Which is both good and bad. Thanks for sharing a great resource!

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    1. Thanks for the insight Tobias, I completely agree. I enjoy shooting film but am mindful of the cost and the pitfalls. I was so disappointed recently when a whole roll of film came back blank 😦 I think you just have to learn from this and take it as it is.

      Glad you found this resource useful.


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