You had to be there.

That’s my first pack of SX-70 film finished and a week of testing my SX-70 SONAR.

I have learnt some things with the Polaroid and realise how much this is an art form as well as a tool for taking photographs.

I am happy with all of the 8 photos I took and especially curious about the landscape shots of Colchester as these caused the most confusion.

To take the first landscape, I pressed the shutter and could hear the lens mechanism but nothing happened.

I thought I pushed the button hard enough but still nothing.

I then worried as the autofocus disengage button doesn’t work and I tried to fix it. I thought I’d broken the camera!

I managed to take a shot but was not convinced and wanted to be sure the SX-70 was working. I tinkered with the shutter button, lightly pressing it and putting my finger in front of the camera. It was then I realised the sonar needs something to bounce off! If there is no signal coming back to the sonar sensor, the camera won’t fire!

Second shot was a bit tricky but I persevered and the camera took the shot.

I did get a couple flash strips supplied with the camera and wanted to give them a try (mainly for the nostalgia as I remember my parents having flash cubes on their cameras).

I found a suitable subject with Snoopy and took a shot with the flash attached.

The first shot didn’t fire, it was then I realised that one side of the flash strip was already used, so I turned it over. Recompossed and BAM! One very bright flash and a vibrant shot of Snoopy!

These are also the first two shots I have taken with the Polaroid Film Shield (or Frog Tongue) in place. It’s good to see that it works well and shields the photo as soon as it comes out of the camera from the light.

I wasn’t sure how long to leave the photo under the shield before putting it in my pocket to develop but the friendly community at the Polaroid subreddit has helped me out.

I also purchased the ND filter which allows me to use 600 film in my SX-70.

I’ve just purchased some black and white SX-70 film and some gold glitter framed 600 film. All of which is sat quietly in the fridge chilling. I am looking forward to the next sunny day (or day where there is something planned) to head out with the SX-70.

Quite a sweet stash – geddit!

I’ve decided to update the site to feature certain photography types and to enable easier access to my work, photography types, experiments etc. I hope you like the update.

I’ve also created an Instagram account specifically for my Polaroid photos. Why not stop by for a look and follow me?

Update: I love the online photography community. I noticed that Dan Rubin had recently purchased an SX70 SONAR and made a comment about it to him. Little did I expect my Sunday morning to start with a conversation with Dan about the camera and using Polaroids. So grateful for Dan’s expertise and advice 🙂

Thanks for your comment!

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