I took Friday off as I needed to get take a breather from the current situation.

Regardless of what many are doing around the world, I am sticking to the rules, working from home and spending minimal time with anyone outside of our home.

It’s been a long time in this new routine and it was getting to me. Add the extra pressure from work and I realised I needed time to myself.

I didn’t plan anything major. Was conscious about straying too far but hopeful that if I did go out it should be quieter than at the weekend.

I decided to start my day developing the pile of 35mm film I had in my drawer. Developing film can be quite therapeutic so I set about work on the film’s early.

Sadly my first film wasn’t very successful. It was a Fomopan roll but I think my mistake with the dark bag was to blame. It was all going so well until I realised I didn’t put the tank in the bag. The seal then came out of the lid and I had to open the bag to put it back together. There are photos but they’re not that clear.

I initially thought it may have been because I originally used the Df96 last October. It’s not supposed to work after a couple weeks after opening but I was proven wrong.

The other two films were a Ilford HP5+ that I shot in my Olympus Trip last August and another Ilford film I shot in London last April with the Rollei 35.

I agitated the film for 8 mins each and rinsed the film for 2 minutes.

I was looking forward to the London film as I remember taking a number of shots on the bus back to Liverpool Street after a night out.

I managed to get the front seat on the top of the bus and took some shots of London during my commute.

Shots I didn’t realise would be so poignant now.

Photo after photo of crowded streets, lots of tourists, busy buses, the usual hustle and bustle.

I’ve not been in London since the pandemic and the film’s feel like a collection of photos from a long forgotten holiday. Let alone shots from a night out following a day in the office.

I do not recall what exhibition was on at Somerset House but it got my attention as I took two photos of the courtyard.

This one struck me as interesting and rather poignant.

This is what I love about film photography. You have to take careful consideration of your images as you have fewer to use. There is also sometimes a gap between shooting and developing. This is the case now.

I don’t recall taking this photo but am happy I did. It obviously got my attention when I shot it and I really like the result.

The rest of my day off was relaxed. I went for a long walk to Castle Park. Most people were observing social distancing but not everyone so I’m glad I took the decision to go for a walk today and avoid the crowds on the weekend.

When I returned home I fired up the Plustek scanner and scanned the first couple of photos from this morning’s developing session.

The timelapse makes the 2 hours pass by very quickly. I’m not sure when Tilly snuck in for a drink!


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