This film loves light. Shoot somewhere bright.

After I posted about my SX 70 black and white issues, Natalie Smart was kind enough to comment on the post and recommend I remove the film shield.

Having read Natalie’s comment it became obvious that the camera was functioning perfectly before I added the film shield.  The first colour pack had no jams, no light leaks etc.

In order to test this out, I removed the film shield and I decided to load up a fresh pack of SX 70 black and white film and took it to Anglesey Abbey last weekend.

I also decided I would only take one camera.  That camera was the SX 70 which meant I had 8 shots for the whole day.

I recently received the NIID Radiant DaySling bag that I backed on Kickstarter.  I was hoping to have it in time for the visit to NYC back in March but due to Covid it only just arrived.

It’s a great bag but to be honest, not ideal for the SX 70 and anything else.  Forcing the Polaroid and the X100T (with lens hood) into it was not an option.

I could have taken my Peak Design Urban Sling but the zips keep breaking on it (I am really disappointed in the build quality, to be honest).

So I decided to travel light.

Of course, 8 shots meant I had to be very selective what I shot and on a few occasions I went to compose my image, looked at it and backed out.  Limited shots really does make you think twice.

For the whole day, I only took 7 shots.   I used the last one this week in the meadow.  A shot that has taught me not to be hasty as there was not enough light and the image came out blurred.

On the whole, I got clear shots.  Best of all there were no film jams, no misfires and no unnecessary light leaks.   It would appear Natalies advice was spot on.  I don’t think I will be refitting the film shield to my SX 70.

I especially love the photo of the urn with the sunlight adorning it through the trees.

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