Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre

The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage CentreĀ is the only Airfield Museum in the Country recreated to its original design sited on an original WW2 airfield. Here you get the atmosphere of what it would have been like.

Lincolnshire Aviation HERITAGE Museum web site

The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre is a preserved WWII airfield that houses one of the few remaining flying Lancaster Bombers and a Mosquito.

I took the Pen f with the 17mm to take some shots.

Some of the shots I took in colour but others I felt would work best in black and white so I switched to my in camera monochrome setting.

Closed due to Covid-19…

I couldn’t help but find humour in this shot… This plane saw action and yet it was due to Covid that you are no longer allowed to enter the cockpit!

The Airmens view

England’s Green and Pleasant Land
Time to collect your orders

Life on the airbase

Staff Transportation
Personal transportation at the Watch Tower

I like this selection of photos but admit to not having used the Pen f for a while. I set the auto ISO and set it a little too high which means the photos inside the hangar are a little grainy.

This shot of the Mosquito armour was ok but wider shots were a bit noisy.

I reset the camera to reduce the ISO range as I always used to shoot it in ISO 200 and keep it at that but wanted to see how the camera operated with my own auto ISO settings.

It performed well once I lowered the upper limit.

This is a really interesting place to visit and gives a real sense of what life was like on an airbase during WWII.

Sadly the Chapel has many many names of aircrew who sadly didn’t return home. A grim reminder of what they did to defend the UK.

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