The Joys of Analogue Photography

I am constantly surprised and pleased by the use of analogue film. 

Whilst in Lincolnshire I took the Ricohmatic 225 TLR and several rolls of film. 

I decided to shoot some ordinary shots with the Kodak Ektar 100 and more planned shots with the Fujifilm Provia 100F.

I sent the rolls to different developers and waited for them to return. 

This isn’t to say I had low expectations of the Ektar film stock or the developer but the Ektar just came back and I am once again blown away.

Not only do I have wonderfully warm and crisp photos, I also have lovely personal memories of the holiday. 

These photos feel more personal than the photos I took with my Pen f digital camera.

The exterior of the barn where we stayed

I am constantly surprised with the depth of field you get from medium format and love the warmth that Ektar gives you.

The low grain also ensures the photos are crisp and sharp.

As you can see from the photos, the Ektar benefits for bright sun and good lighting.

I am sure I’ll use this film again.

The interior of the barn

I especially love the warmth of the interior shot which feels like it came straight from a holiday brochure. The sunlight adds a lovely warmth to the shot.

The workshop and stables

This exterior shot has great depth and warmth. I love the way medium format allows such a deep level of place and distance. I don’t think you can get this with full frame, 35mm or digital to be honest.

I will certainly continue to shoot film, especially medium format.

I love the excitement of development or recieving photos from the developer, trying to remember what you shot and being surprised and delighted by the final images.

These were my ordinary shots, I now have very high expectations for the planned shots I took at Lanhydrock with the Provia F.

All shots are straight from the camera with no editing, just developing by Film Dev.


  1. I love Ektar. It is one of my all time favorite film stocks. There is just something about how it how it blends warm highlights and bluish teal shadows. Your shot of the workshop and stables exemplifies this quality. It’s often billed as a landscape film, but I actually like it for all kinds of work. It isn’t the most flattering on many skin ones but the look is just to die for, in my opinion anyway.

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    1. I agree. I only just started using it and have been blown away by each film that is developed.

      The photos are sharp and the colours warm and crisp. Love it.


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