Rollei 35 Lomography Lady Grey 400

I had a film split in my Rollei so I loaded it with a roll of Lomography Lady Grey to make sure it was working.

I took the Rollei out on my morning walks and snapped away, I wasn’t aiming for anything special. I simply wanted to make sure the camera was working.

The film came back from the developers today (a new developer) and I was pleasantly surprised.

The good news is I had a full roll of photos which means the Rollei is working.

I’m not a massive fan of Lomography Lady Grey, I prefer my photos to have more contrast and blacks instead of Grey’s, however the shots I took have a good level of detail and contrast in them.

This was a shoot from the hip shot. I wanted to test the distance of the camera and see if I could take a shot literally from my hip of the sun rays illuminating the cars at dawn.

It’s not the most inspiring photo but I love the light on the cars and the way the double yellow lines (it’s what we call them I know they’re not yellow in the photo) lead your eye through the photo.

Not bad for a snap.

I also like the humour in this snap of Tilly.

It’s the first shot on the roll and you can tell she wasn’t in the mood to be photographed.

The film wasn’t wound on enough but I like the cut of the film interrupting the frame. Feels like she’s judging the photo she’s in!

Not fussed. Rollei 35 Lomography Lady Grey 400

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