OM Word!

When I sold all my Olympus kit, I decided to keep my analogue OM10 and the 50mm and 70-210mm lenses.

I was thinking about using analogue lenses on my X-T4 but didn’t imagine that the OM lenses would work on the Fuji system (I had dismissed it).

Imagine my pleasure when I found out they do work – and they work very well..

I watched this great film from Roy Cruz and was pleased to see him demonstrating how to shoot with the X Series and the OM 50mm – the lens I own!

Thanks to our Seattle based retailer I was able to get hold of an OM to X Series mount and have it delivered the next day.

It just arrived and I was itching to try it out.

As you can see, when attached to the X-T4 it looks like they were made to work together.

The 50mm attached the to X-T4
The OM 50mm
The tele lens on the X-T4
The 70-210mm – what a whopper!

As expected the tele lens does require a steady hand or a tripod to get the sharpest images.

The 50mm doesn’t have any such issues.

As demonstrated in this test shot of Tilly, you can get some nice crisp photos with a decent creamy background (I think I shot this at f/4).

A photo of my cat Tilly
Taken with the OM 50mm on the X-T4

I was pleasantly surprised to see that when (manually) focussing the lenses, the focus peaking on the X-T4 worked 🙂 I don’t think this used to happen on my Pen f or my EM 5 so am pleased to have the extra support from the camera to ensure I nail the focus.

I was worried about the cost of new lenses for my X-T4 but now I don’t have to worry as a £25 mount has given me access to two great vintage lenses 🙂

If you would like to try some OM glass on your Fuji X Series camera, I can recommend the K&F Concept OM to FX,OM Fuji Adapter.

I look forward to getting out and shooting with my new set up.


  1. I remember putting a 50mm Pentax F2 on my Olympus E-P2 back in the day. As I recall it worked pretty well as a macro too with 1:2 magnification at an effective 100mm. I have to imagine the 50mm is a pretty great portrait lens paired with the X-T4’s larger sensor. I like this idea. Maybe I’ll grab some FD glass and adapter for my EOS R. Thanks for the inspiration. – Tobias

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