Dubblefilm Dubble Trubble

A colour washed photo of the woods near my house
DubbleFilm, 35mm, Settings: irrelevant

Hmm, so there are definite times when you try something you know they are not for you. Dubblefilm Jelly is one of those times.

I purchased two rolls from Analogue Wonderland during their Pride celebrations and thought it would be fun to use the film during the summer and to lift my spirits with some crazy rainbow film effects.

The first film jammed in my Rollei 35 which meant the shots I took at the height of summer, full of enthusiasm, were lost.

I decided to load up the other film in my Olympus OM10 towards the end of summer and get creative.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect but wanted to see how the emulsion would affect the photographs.

It took longer than expected to use the film up and I also had it on me at the one time I wish I had normal film stock in my camera.

I would suggest that these emulsions are loud and bright due to the shooting conditions in which I used it. However, in full sun the emulsions seemed washed out and in decent light, they overpower the subject.

Yes, this is fun. Yes, it is great to experiment. It’s also great that Dubblefilm is doing so much to bring analogue photography and film stock to a new generation.

However it is not for me.

The photos are grainy, the emulsion takes away from the subject and (as in my example above), I feel you have to use it up in one go or run the risk of having it loaded in your camera when you required some decent film stock.

The photos are bright and cheery but a step too far for me.

What do you think? Have you tried these films? What were your experiences? Am I being too harsh? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Hello! I just bought the Dubblefilm Show camera. I really love plastic lenses and I want to see how it goes.
    After researching for more information about the brand, I found your blog. I wanted to buy some film from them, and even though they don’t sell them on my country I was willing to buy them and pay expensive shipping… But after seeing this, I’m glad I didn’t spend money on that. The picture is nice, it’s good to experiment but nowadays shooting film is too expensive (at least where I live), and you can’t even tell the difference between the subject and the background. Thanks for this entry.
    Sorry for my english. I’ll make sure to read your blog again, thanks!

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    1. Nanda thanks for the comment. Your English is very good.

      I am posting other photos over the coming week or so which will give you more of an impression of the film.

      If you like this effect then great but it’s not for me (and I feel it distracts from the photo subject).

      All the best.


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