More Dubble Trubble

A washed out photo of some summer berries
DubbleFilm, 35mm. Setting: pointless

Another shot from the roll of Dubblefilm Jelly and my Olympus OM10.

If this had been normal film stock this photo of the berries would have been rather good.

The Dubblefilm emulsion add’s nothing to this, it simply takes away.

What do you think? Have you tried these films? What were your experiences? Am I being too harsh? Let me know in the comments.


  1. I’ve not used it, or any of the similar “experimental” films. myself While I’ve seen some nice results, it’s not something I’m particularly interested in trying myself. Once you’ve put it in the camera, you’re all in – if you find a scene that would make a good “traditional” photo, you’re stuck. Unless you carry multiple cameras I suppose. Something like Lomography’s Metropolis film – which, while still giving an effect, is more subtle – would be a far better choice for me if I wanted something a bit different. Or just shoot one of the rolls of expired film I have to see what comes of that.

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    1. Yeah I agree. I think fun days out, parties etc would be fine but not normal shots. I thought it would be subtle like the Lomo but obviously not. Hey ho. It’s a learning.


  2. Experimental films are pretty far down on the list. I’m trying to finish up a roll of Portra 800 for review. I think that DubbleFilm could be fun for an experimental shoot on a grey day in the city, but in this case, I’d agree, it takes away more than it adds.

    With that said, now I’m thinking about blackberries so, at the very least you’ve made me hungry. 🙂

    Look forward to seeing what you shoot next.

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