In Focus: Reviewing and Refreshing

Update: I have decided to sell the Rollei 35 and keep the Bronica. The Rollei is currently on sale on eBay until 6th December. Check it out here. It’s a lovely little camera, I hope it goes to a good home.

I once again find myself considering selling my Rollei 35 and also my Bronica ETRS.

I love the Rollei but I don’t use it that much. I have a Leica Mini, which is I think better as a point and shoot 35mm and am not sure the Rollei has a use anymore (except a place in my heart).

I covet the Leica Rangefinders but simply cannot afford them therefore I am looking at Canon 7 as an alternative. This plus the Leice Mini would be sufficient for my 35mm needs. (I have my Olympus OM10 as well and that is saved as the lenses are used on my Fuji X-T4).

As for the Bronica, it was my first Medium Format camera and I adore it. The waist level viewfinder is very clear and bright and it’s very capable. Sadly though I don’t use it as I was gifted a Ricohmatic 225 which (even with a broken light meter) is lighter and just as easy to use.

The Bronica is 6×4.5 whereas the Ricoh is 6×6 which I prefer.

I seem to have taken many more photos with the Ricoh and I think it’s due to portability and the noise (the Bronica sounds like an anti aircraft gun going off!).

I have my Texas Leica for 6×9 so don’t feel there is space or a requirement for the Bronica.

Whilst considering this I have been looking back at the photo’s I shot with my film cameras and noticed a few images that hadn’t grabbed my attention before.

Some concrete Stairs
Rollei 35 and Lomo Lady Grey

These stairs were shot with the Rollei and Lady Grey. I like the crispness of the lines and the angularity of this photo. I still don’t like the colour Lady Grey gives the photos and am clear I won’t be buying any more of that film stock.

A landscape view of farmland in Essex
Lomo Lady Grey and Rollei 35

A landscape of the farm by the house with Colchester in the distance. I really don’t like the off grey colouring from the film but I do like the depth and width of this landscape. The Rollei is very capable for such a small camera.

A photo of two men having lunch at a countryside cafe
Bronica ETRS and Fomapan (I think)

Still one of my favourite medium format photos. It’s nothing special but very quickly made me realise how much I could fit in the frame and how I could manipulate the depth of field with the waist level viewfinder. I think the guy looking at me is a result of the noise from the shutter mirror!

This post feels like I am looking for justification but to be honest, I have probably already made my decision!

What do you think? Should I sell the Rollei and find a new home for the Bronica?


  1. I know this feeling all to well. I’ve got far too many 50mm lenses crowding my desk. Two EF 50mm F1.8s a an EF F1.4 a Industar21 and I’m sure another that I’ve forgotten about.

    The thing I think is important when selling gear you’re apt to be nostalgic about is to weigh how much you’ll miss it when its gone. However I get that purchasing a new camera before you’ve cleared out your closet of ones you don’t think you’ll use again can be a tricky prospect too.

    Best of luck and I enjoyed the photos. – Tobias

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    1. I agree, I did “try” to sell the Rollei a while ago but now I have made the decision and put it on eBay. I wasn’t using it so it’s best to give someone else the chance to shoot with it.

      Glad you liked the photos.


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