Cirafilm 800

I’d never heard of Cirafilm. It wasn’t until I received the first monthly 35mm subscription film tin from Analogheld that I learnt about it.

Based in Indonesia, Cirafilm turn Cinefilm into Cirafilm but a developing process unique to them.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the stock so decided to load it into the Leica Mini and let the camera worry about the film settings.

I also decided to treat the film like Cinestill 800T/D and shoot it as such.

This was pretty much my test bed for loading Cinestill into the Ricohmatic.

The results were interesting. In fact to be honest, the results were worrying. The developers I use weren’t not sure if the film contained RemJet and were worried about their equipment.

Having contacted Cirafilm and Analogheld it was clear the film did not and that the output of the film was simply due to the treatment of the film.

I certainly got some interesting shots from it. It did seem to like the dark more than the light.

You certainly get the cinematic look from the film. It’s quite flat in some circumstances.

I don’t like the amount of grain in the film, but admit in certain shots it adds a certain something.

I am not sure this film stock is for me though.

It’s not one I would have immediately purchased but the film subscription is a great way to experience and experiment with such films.

Here’s a selection of photos from the roll, let me know what you think about them…

If you’re interested in Analogheld’s film subscription (or their excellent film tins for 120 and 35mm film), drop them a line.

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