The Most Read and Commented Posts in 2020

Here is a look back at the most popular read posts in 2020.

It’s a mix of reviews, information, insight and opinion. This is an interesting selection and one that proves to me I must be doing something right πŸ™‚

A photo of a Leica X1 camera

Number 10: Learning the ways of the Leica X1

An old post about an old camera but it seems there is still interest in this model and my experieicnes.

It’s not the latest, biggest, brightest or fastest digital camera but it is very capable and to be honest (like many others), I wish I hadn’t sold it…

A photo of my photobook No Longer Ordinary

Number 9: My Etsy Store is Open!

I am not sure if this is something I would have done had I not been home due to the pandemic.

I had wanted to find a way to create new ways of distributing my photos and the store was the perfect way to do this.

I learnt a lot about desktop publishing, printing pictures, distribution and ecommerce along the way!

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by the shop, made a purchase, left a review or offered some advice.

I am amazed with how many copies of No Longer Ordinary I have sold and the face they have been sent as far afield as Seattle and the Ukraine!

Number 8: Two Types of People

I am often nervous about sharing personal views, policities, opinions here (well those that don’t pertain to photography) and yet you embrace what I have to say.

I obviously strike cord with some as this piece about how people are dealing with the pandemic comes in at the 8th most visited article in 2020.

A photo of two ladies taking selfies at the Vessel in New York

Number 7: Travel: NYC 1

The first in a series of posts covering photos from my travels. I had lots of wonderful comments about the NYC and Thailand series and am really pleased to see this make the top ten. Thank you.

Number 6: Links!

Not really a post but a page that I use to link to all my material online. I use this within my social media and online profiles and it’s good to see this has traction πŸ™‚

Number 5: A little bit about me

Similar to the number 6 slot this is an information page giving an overview of me, my interests and photographic journey.

I often wonder if anyone reads this and this is proof they do πŸ™‚

My second photo book - Paradise Quarantine

Number 4: Final Copy of my Street Photography book on sale!

Or how I like to call it “drumming up custom”. It worked as the first run of No Longer Ordinary sold out! I ended up printing a second run to keep up with demand.

I doubt I will print any more of this book as it’s time to move on.

The second book Paradise Quarantine is available and the first of my travel books is currently in production.

Number 3: My Print Store is now Open!

It would seem that people like to purchase my work! Or have an interest in how I am doing so. Thank you.

If you think some content about how I started, what I learnt and any tricks I have acquire might be useful, let me know in the comments and I will consider this for a future post.

A photo of a geranium from my garden which I took with my new Fujifilm X-T4

Number 2: My First Photo

Marking my transition from Micro Four Thirds to Fujifilm X series, this post was a simple illustration of the first photo I took with my X-T4. I can only hope I get to take it out more in 2021 to really get to grips with it.

A photo of my home developing set up with Df96

Number 1 Post of 2020: Cinestill Df96 All in One Developer

It would seem you share my interest in home developing. I am happy to say I am still developing with Df96 (in fact the same bottle!).

Regardless of the recommended expiry times, it’s going strong and I managed to use it to develop my first shots from the Canon 7 in December. (Post coming soon).

Thanks for your comment!

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