From the Archive: New York

I’ve always liked this photo, not least because it sums up New York to me but it also reminds me of the first time I walked the High Line (and as you can see this was on a cold snowy day).

A photo of downtown Manhattan from the High Line
1/1000, f/2, 20mm, ISO 160

I probably took this on full auto and let the camera do the work. Back in 2014 I didn’t understand why shooting RAW gave me so much flexibility.

Thankfully I did shoot three different shots in quick succession and have managed to merge them into Lightroom to even out the exposure.

This is much crisper and brighter than the original and adding in some proper white balance and some sharpening has brought this old, faded photo to life.

This is how I remember the scene.

Although I am pleased with the work I completed in Lightroom on this photo I have to mention I am getting increasingly frustrated with Adobe Lightroom.

I added this to a collection, rated it, exported it, backed up the library and when I checked my hard drive, the exported image was nowhere to be seen.

The HDR was no longer in the collection and was no longer rated.

It took a whilst to search through Lightroom to find the HDR version, for a while it looked like I would have to recreate the edit.

Sadly this is not the first time Lightroom has done this and one of a long line of issues I am having with LIghtroom currently. It constantly crashes. It constantly loses my images. It’s getting slow and cumbersome to use.

I wish there were a decent alternative. I know I praised Capture One a while ago but my issue there is that I have the FujiFilm version and most of my old photos were not shot on FujiFilm therefore cannot be edited in Capture One.

I also have a huge catalogue in Lightroom as I have been using it since at least the beginning of my photography studies and have no way of recreating this outside of Lightroom without starting again.

I simply do not trust Adobe Lightroom anymore which is frustrating and annoying in equal measure. Especially as I have to pay a monthly subscription fee for it!

I wisht there was something better out there.

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