My favourite BW film stock, Kosmo 100 Mono and the Canon 7 Rangefinder

This article focuses on my experiences of using the second roll of Kosmo 100 mono (one of my favourite film stocks) in the Canon 7 Rangefinder.

Kosmo film has always been good to me, no matter what camera I use it in. It is a great barometer of how a camera performs.

There are a couple of misses and some underexposure but also some interesting shots.

The photos are a combination of dark and crisp winter shots.

I did try my best with most shots to either use the rangefinder or use the lens guide but it didn’t always pay off. I will also admit that I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the light meter this time around. Why? Well if I am honest because I found the light meter too fiddly for its own good.

Midway through this roll, I had decided I was going to sell this camera so there is a real mixed bag of photos here.

The Canon 7 performed brilliantly in bright light and when focussed, the 50mm Canon lens does not disappoint.

For this reason, I have kept the lens as I have an adapter for my Fujifilm XT-4 and will enjoy shooting digital photos with is (hopefully for many years). The body/camera is not for me. This is not to say rangefinder cameras are not for me, just this particular camera.

This is a good indication of the tool being right for the job. It’s made me realise that I wouldn’t want to waste money on a Leica if I didn’t get on with it. It would simply be a waste of money.

I am surprised by all the YouTube Infleucner photographers who seem to be able to a) purchase a Leica and then b) get on with it. With no issue. I am sure this cannot be accurate. Either they are very lucky or are not sharing lots and lots of failed photographs.

I am please by the surprising photos in this collection and the combination of the Canon 50mm and Kosmo mono is very pleasing.

Do you think I made the right decision to sell the body? What would you have done in my situation?

Thanks for your comment!

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