“Do Not Feed The Horses”, My First Outing with my X100V

There is a problem in the UK that there are so many people out walking in the countryside, that people are harming horses by feeding them. There was one such case where someone gave a horse a sandwich, it poisoned the horse and died.

This sign has been in place for much longer than the pandemic but I thought it was rather poignant.

I also like that the corner is missing from the sign, suggesting one of the horses may have been hungry and ate the sign!

A sign on a farm post asking you not to feed the horses
X100V Fujifilm

This was the first time I have been out with my X100V and we went for walk to the local meadow and farmland.

It was a bit tough in places due to the mud but it was worth the effort simply to get on and have a change of scenery.

I took a couple of shots whilst out but think I have some tweaking to do with the settings in the X100V. I transferred the film settings I had from the X100T but I am not sure they translate that well. I think I might just reset the camera and get used to its colour profiles before I do any more fiddling!

The X100V is incredibly fast and very quiet – so quiet I wasn’t sure I’d taken any photos!

I did have a small issue when I set it up whereby the camera would keep the screen on and the back LEDs would flash when I switched the camera off. Turned out my old memory card was too slow for the camera! I have rectified this with a 170mbs card and the camera now flies!

A nice selection of virgin shots from the X100V, I look forrad to using it more and becoming familiar with it.

(I love every incarnation of this camera I have owned so I have no reason to expect anything less from this updated camera).


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