“No Entry” – Yashica Electro 35 GX Test Roll, Fujifilm Supera X-tra with light leaks

This was the first roll of film I loaded into the Yashica and it came from AnalogHeld‘s film club.

I took the Yashica out on a crisp sunny couple of days in January but sadly I overwound the film and it separated from the 35mm canister.

I didn’t understand what had happened until I opened the back of the camera to check, this is where the light leaks have come from.

I bundled the film into a film box and sealed it with tape. The team at Kirkless Photographic did a great job of trying to rescue the photos but the damage had been done.

I am not too disappointed as this was a test roll to see how I got on with the camera and how it performed.

There were only 2 shots out of focus which is great given my track record with rangefinders.

I think I have finally found a rangefinder camera for me!

The light leaks are unavoidable in this instance but I think they add a certain something to these winter photos.

I will share my favourites over the next couple of days.

Starting with this shot:

A photo of the entry to the car park of the local railway station
No Entry, Yashica Electro 35 GX, Fujifilm Supera X-tra

Note that the Yashica is fine, it was my clumsiness that caused the film to snap!

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