I read about the Shitty Camera Challenge last year and noted that there would be the opportunity to participate in January with the #GetMono challenge.

I decided to get hold of two “shitty cameras” from eBay and decided to stick one in my jacket pocket and point and shoot it when I felt inspired.

The first camera was a Konica Pop (with broken flash). I loaded it with Kentmere 400 (a cheap black and white film which produces half-decent shots).

I am not sure about the photos I took at the beginning of the month as January mornings are pretty dark, but I took some nonetheless to see if I could any contrast.

It didn’t matter if these shots were poor as participating in the challenge was my motivation. Getting out, seeing the world with a photographers eyes again and capturing what interests me.

Yesterday was cold. There was a heavy frost. The sky was clear and I left the house as the sun was breaking over the horizon. The light was wonderful and the frost was starting to lift off the reeds, bushes and farmland.
In short, it was beautiful.

I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to shoot some lovely sharp, crisp and high contrast photos with the Kentmere film.

I also decided to take some photos with my Pixel 6 as I didn’t want to waste such a beautiful morning.

I was enjoying using the Konica Pop until I was wound on the film and the advance jammed. I realised I was at the end of the roll. However, I could not free up the film-advance lever so I decided to rewind the film.

The camera started to produce some truly awful noises and I thought that the rewind mechanism was stiff or not working.

Now I have no idea why, but I decided to open the camera to check the film was rewound.

This was a mistake. The Konica had not rewound the film. It had managed to shred all of the spool holes and pull the entire film out of the canister!

I quickly put the back on and put the camera into my zipped pocket.

When I got home I opened the camera in a dark room. I had to tip the film out as it was wrapped around the camera spool and then quickly put it into a black film canister and wrapped it several times in foil to keep the light out.

I was enjoying the anticipation of what this camera could produce. I was not expecting a bathroom floor full of bits of film that had been snapped off in the camera!

I hope my developers can help to salvage the photos but I don’t hold out much hope.

My Konica Pop camera in the bin
The Konica Pop is nothing better than land-fill!

As for the Konica Pop, this is where it now resides. In the bin. I was going to sell it for spares on eBay but I cannot be bothered (it will probably cost me more to list and post than what it’s worth).

I will have another attempt at the Shitty Camera Challenge though. I also bought a Konica Pop Super. The flash is permanently on but I have tapped it over with gaffer tape! I hope I have a bit more success with the Pop Super!

I’ll keep you posted and share the photos when they are developed.

If you’d like to participate in the Shitty Camera Challenge, you can find out more here.

Update: I did the right thing by binning the Konica Pop, the whole roll was ruined!


  1. Great post and hopefully they’ll come out. I had a similar thing happen with my Sprocket Rocket. Nevertheless, I hope the #ShittyCamera gods smile on you and I am looking forward to seeing your photos on the #shittycamerachallenge


    1. Thanks Keith. Me too! Fingers crossed the photos come out. I had something similar happen with my Yashica ages ago but I managed to rescue those…


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