#ShittyCameraChallenge #GetMono – My Results

OK, let’s be honest; I didn’t expect a lot from the two cameras I selected. As expected, one of them performed terribly.

The other, although not perfect, did offer some surprises.

The Konica Pop (with broken flash) was loaded with Kentmere 400. As I have already reported, the film snapped in the camera. I tried to salvage it, but alas, it had been exposed to too much light and the film was ruined. Just as well I binned the camera!

The Konica Pop Super did manage to get some good shots (and some awful shots).

I shot it with two rolls of film. Kentmere 400 and Street Candy.

Admittedly the conditions in which I was shooting the camera was pushing it and the film. Coupled with the fact the flash was jammed on so I tapped it over, probably didn’t help.

I tapped the flash as I wanted to be inconspicuous (well as inconspicuous as you can be wielding a bright red plastic camera!).

The Kentmere photos ended up lighter and greyer, whereas the Street Candy photos were darker and had deeper blacks.

I will share my favourite photos over the coming days but wanted to share these two to give a comparison of the films.

Lincoln – Kentmere 400 vs Street Candy MTN 100

I enjoyed using the Konica Pop Super but, I am not sure I would go out of my way to use it again.

This was a fun experiment. Maybe for the next #ShittyCameraChallenge I’ll try to find an even shittier camera!


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