The way the land lies

A view of a field of crops with lines leading through it in various directions
Fujifilm, XT-4,f/10

I’ve been enjoying shooting with my XT-4 the last couple of mornings. Not just because of the beautiful weather!

I’ve found the camera to be really intuitive and in a couple days have gotten quite used to the control mechanism.

As I get more familiar with it, it’s starting to feel more intuitive. I’m also starting to recall my knowledge about light, speed etc and thinking about what I want to achieve and being able to dial that in.

This is why I like cameras from Fujifilm and Olympus as the operating system, with various manual dials, makes it so much easier to be able to control the camera.

Wednesday I shot a fair bit but yesterday I was more considered with my shots and took my time.

I’m enjoying regular use of the camera as it’s becoming natural and engaging again. I’m walking the same route but seeing new things everyday. This is what excites me about photography.

This photo was taken less than 700metres from our front door and yesterday, the ploughed lines in the field grabbed my attention, mixed with the telegraph wires I think it makes for an interesting view.

I also like the emergence of the edge of Elmswell village appearing through the morning mist.

I love the range of the lens as well. It gives such a good range and I am certain this is ideal for my forthcoming trip to New York.

For now, I’ve decided on the XT-4 and the 16-80mm lens is all that I need to take on my trip. I’ll change my mind a few times before then but am almost certain this is what I’ll take with me.

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