Unsplash is a photographic community where photographers share there work which can be freely downloaded. It's very popular with people looking for interesting wallpaper for their phone or desktops (there are even apps that auto change wallpapers daily using content from Unsplash). You can create collections so you can amass photographs by theme or topic. … Continue reading Unsplash

1.08.02 Tower of London Moat 10K

 After much sceptiscm and doubt I did complete the British Heart Foundation Tower of London Moat 10K today.  Thanks to everyone who sponsored me. I cracked my target and am really pleased to have done so.  The weather has been very blustery here so parts of the run were running into really strong head wind.  … Continue reading 1.08.02 Tower of London Moat 10K

The Garmin took so long to find a signal it tried to switch off!

Seriously I wish I was joking but I am not. I was all ready to run but hung around just over 4 minutes for the Garmin watch to find a signal.  I gave up waiting and started to run.  8 minutes later my Garmin caught up with me! Thankfully iSmoothRun and my iPhone do not … Continue reading The Garmin took so long to find a signal it tried to switch off!

Hatfield Forest 10+K – 1:08:39

This run was different, this run was not what either I nor Enda expected and this run was tough! Things I have learnt following todays run:- Don't plan a run on or near to the longest (and hottest) day of the year.  We believed as this was a forest run it would be covered.  Only about 40% … Continue reading Hatfield Forest 10+K – 1:08:39