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I have had an interest in photography for many years and can remember taking photographs with a 110 film camera and disc camera back in the ’80s.

I have continued to extend my knowledge and interest in photography and joined the British Academy of Photography in 2016. I graduated with my Diploma in Photography at the beginning of 2018.

I have learnt so much about the process of taking photos that I am enjoying extending photographic scope, expanding my ideas and concepts.

I regularly use a mirror-less camera (Olympus Pen f or EM5 MKII), but you may also see me out and about with my fifty-year-old Rollei 35, Olympus Trip 35, or Olympus OM10. I did suffer from GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) for a while, having owned cameras by Lecia, Pentax, Ricoh and Fujifilm to name a few!

My Kit Flat Lay 4 My Gloomy preset.jpg
Some of my kit (see what I mean about GAS)

Recently I purchased my first medium format camera, Bronica ETRS 645 which has further helped me with my photographic learning journey. I was also given a Richomatic TLR via a generous secret santa.

I also like to experiment with instant film and use a Polaroid SX-70 SONAR for these shots.

I now realise the camera is simply a tool to enable my creative output and am always keen to push the camera and my creativity as much as I can.

I don’t feel I have a specific subject I prefer to shoot, I tend to shoot whatever takes my fancy.

I am a fan of Ansel Adams, Martin Parr, Vivian Maier – all who have subconsciously had an effect on my work. They all illustrated the courage and a passion for their subjects and proven that anything is possible. My chosen kit enables me to emulate each of them. I have fun capturing the madness of modern life ala Parr, street photography and people portraits like Maier and Adams inspired landscapes.

In the short space of time since graduating, my photos have been exhibited in New York, Sydney, London and East Anglia.

Check the menu for my social links to Twitter, Instagram and Flickr (although I have recently given up my Pro Flickr license as I believe the service is no longer worth the fee).


Although I do not shoot professionally or commercially, I have completed several corporate headshots and am always willing to try my hand at anything new. If you’d like to give me a try, why not drop me a line!

Be sure to read my blog for updates, research, news, and photographic views.

I’ve also produced some books and zines (one of which was featured by Ted Forbes on the Art of Photography) and the latest “No Longer Ordinary” and “Paradise Quarantine”.

Thanks for visiting.


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