20140330-131257.jpgA couple of years ago I started running for recreation and decided to track my progress on my blog. This has grown and now has me writing reviews for The Running Bug, entering races, giving training tips and sharing advice.

I’ll admit I’m not a professional runner nor one of the fastest runners but a runner I am.

You can find me on various running sites tracking all my stats including Garmin Connect, Nike +, Runkeeper and The Running Bug.

I would never have considered this years ago but something ignited my curiosity a couple years ago and now I’m hooked.

Since 2011 I have started from nowhere and have now run in locations such as Vancouver, Spain and all over the UK.

I’ve already clocked up over 1,000 KM and have run several 10K races and a half marathon.

During this short period of running I have proudly raise ¬£6,000 for Alzheimer’s Society, British Heart Foundation and Mo Run.

The running community is one I am very proud to be a part of. It’s a very enthusiastic group of people who are always polite and willing to offer advice and support at any stage.

I’ve had a few mental challenges and the odd physical one too but that’s all part of being a runner.

Believe me if I can run anyone can.

Check out my blog for regular updates and the sub menu for lots of additional running content.>

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