Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We hope you’ve had a wonderful year and enjoy the festive period.

Richard and I have had a lovely year and have enjoyed a mix of travelling, spending time with family and friends and getting married (we were already legally married but on our 11th anniversary we converted our “Civil Partnership” to a “Marriage”).

There have been a few concerts, a fun night with the Pet Shop Boys, a surreal evening with Ulrich Schnauss, we experienced another evening with Kraftwerk (I think experience is the correct term) and enjoyed the worlds hottest evening in the company of The Avalanches!

I also spent a poignant afternoon at the Prince Exhibition in London.


I was very lucky to have been picked as a global photographer for One Plus with the launch of the One Plus 5 this year.  Having my mobile photography featured in their campaign was a particular highlight (as we having the Empire State building use one of my photographs in November).

I also came to understand the fickle nature of social media.  One of my photographs achieved 16,000+ likes on Instagram but this didn’t transfer to me or my accounts.  I saw a minor uplift in followers etc but the likes remained with One Plus when they featured my photograph (this time not part of the campaign mentioned above).

In the summer Richard celebrated his 50th birthday, celebrations that stretched throughout July with parties and frivolities taking place in Norfolk, Devon and London (and a little bit of Turkey!).

We’ve been lucky enough to visit Paris (twice), returned to New York , Spain and had several trips around the UK.


Tilly continues to entertain us and has become a minor Instagram star, delighting people with her cardboard box related antics!

My photography course continues at a pace and I have been very humbled and pleased with the praise and responses to my assignments this year (distinctions and merits across my work).

I was lucky enough to photograph some very senior people within my business for their profiles plus captured the leaving party of the CIO.

I’m really looking forward to continuing my photographic journey and hope to complete the course in the new year.


Our photography has also taken some unexpected twists and turns this year with the purchase of a drone and a 360 degree camera.

This made for some unexpected results.

Most surprisingly was my move away from the “Steve Jobs Walled Garden” (thanks for the quote Enda!).  One of the biggest and longest serving Apple fan boys (me) made the unexpected switch to Android.  It started with me winning the One Plus 5 and has expanded from there.  I now use my One Plus 5 for work and have a Pixel 2 for personal use.  Bye bye iPhone – it was fun but you simply got too slow, too buggy and basically too restrictive and old fashioned.

I did experiment with a Chromebook but that was a step too far!  (I am however using a Windows PC at work instead of a Macbook which is another big shift for me!).

I don’t believe in resolutions but will promise to myself that I get back into my running shoes (and maybe book in some races next year).  I could give lots of excuses regarding time etc but I simply have to get on with it!

2017 has been fun, here’s wishing 2018 is just as good for all.


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