My favourite (and not so favourite) accessories for my X100V

A photo of my X100V camera with the lens hood attached
My Pimped Out X100V

The X100V is a very popular camera and due to its popularity and form factor, you can personalise the camera more than most.

I wanted to share how I have accessorised mine, where I think it’s worth the investment and where I think you could save your money.

I always try to get a case for my cameras and the best option I could find was the official FujiFilm black leather one.

It comes in two parts and to be honest I probably won’t ever use the top of the strap. The bottom plate is why I got it.

It does an excellent job of protecting the bottom of the camera and allowing access to all of the ports etc.

With the tilt screen on the back, the rear panel of leather is rather thin at the base but it still manages to do a good job of keeping the bottom left side of the camera protected. It’s rigid enough to hold it’s place.

The battery door cover is also very sturdy and comes with a popper to seal it closed.

A photo of the wrist strap attached to my camera
The Peak Design Wrist Strap

I didn’t add the original or the leather camera strap as I do like the versatility of the Peak Design system. I have the dongles on all of my cameras and like the flexibility, I get from adding either the wrist strap (which I use the most) or swapping it for the neck strap when I need (without the hassle of undoing anything).

SquareHood produces a line of accessories for the X series of cameras and they do a great job of advertising them and getting featured on social media and YouTube.

I like the look of the SquareHood but was not prepared to pay the asking price.

I opted for a copy on Amazon and have to say it is perfect. It’s the right size, blocks the right amount of light and is decent metal construction that protects the lens (I did buy a Hoya UV filter to weather seal the camera and to fix the hood to it therefore the actual lens is fully protected).

As I have the Hoya UV filter and the hood on the camera, this means the top half of the FujiFilm Leather case no longer fits – but for me, that is not a problem.

The back of my camera with the various accessories
You can see the thumb grip, strap and back of the case on the X100V

I was looking for a thumb grip as I thought I needed the extra support when carrying the camera.

I got completely sucked in by the reviews and the influencers and ended up buying the SquareHood thumb grip.   The best in the business!  

It’s constructed of sturdy metal and the colour matches my black X100V.   

That’s all the positives I have to say about it. I am disappointed with the thumb grip from Squarehood.

It’s quite expensive for what is a small piece of metal.

The cutaway may enable access to the AEL/AFL button but the length of the thumb grip makes it almost impossible to use the back wheel.

I went out for a long walk yesterday and was holding the camera most of the time. The thumb grip got in the way. I am used to small Olympus cameras etc and now realise a thumb grip is not necessary.

If I have the Peak Design wrist strap on and am holding the camera, if it happens to slip (which it doesn’t), then the strap does an excellent job of saving it.

I was also surprised to see that after continued use of the thumb grip that it starts to come out of the hot shoe holder. I expected it to “clip” or “grip” in the hot shoe but it does not.

As the back of the camera is exposed when carrying it, I decided to buy some screen protectors. Luckily the pack I bought had three protectors in the pack. They were easy to apply and I also managed to add one to my X-T4 as the screen is the same size.

Fuji supply one battery and a USB C cable, there is no charger in the box. I hardly ever plug my camera in (and it would mean having to take off the leather case every time I wanted to charge the camera) so I purchased a third party charger and batteries which appear to work well.

All of this is subjective and you can make of my comments what you will, you may not need all the accessories I have mentioned but I wanted to give an honest view of my experiences given the amount of influenced content online about these products.

The SquareHood products are well made but you can find cheaper alternatives (which seem to be of the same quality).

Before pimping out your X100V, think about whether you really need the accessory or not!

Here is a list of the items mentioned (note some are affiliate links and if you use these to purchase these items, you will be supporting my site and work):

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