A painful and cold start to the new year

Well this was not the start to the new year I imagined!

Following yesterdays run I felt OK but was stiff mid run so decided to do some exercises on the foam roller.

Sadly during yesterday I had some pain and heat through my hip, ITB and knee – obviously whatever I had rolled had been very tight as I have aggravated it.

I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing as it is very tight and sore today but I have completed a few more smaller exercises this morning to stretch my legs.  I have also had a cold shower to help circulate the blood in my legs.

All of this seems to be working, I simply need to ensure that I do not stay stationary for too long as I am sure my leg will seize up again.

I am not sure what effect this will have on my running so will have to see how I feel tomorrow before heading out for another run as planned.

I didn’t get a great nights sleep because of my legs as I could not get comfortable.  I tried my best but I did watch the clock go round and even laid in bed listening to the fireworks (we were both tired and went to bed before midnight).

This morning has brought a sharp frost (the main photo is of the roof window in the guests bedroom), and it’s the first in a very long time.  One can hope that the start of the year also means the kick start of the seasons and we may finally be getting some wintry conditions!

I hope you’ve all had a good new years eve and start to the new year.


  1. Ouch! That does sound painful. I hope it’s feeling better today.
    Happy New Year to you too. 🙂


  2. howdy and happy new year… sleep wise it was the same here – couldn’t sleep at all or only in small intervals… doesn’t sound good with your legs – so get better soon so we see you on the scoreboard soon again…

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