Why you should print your photographs

OK, so this has been said by many people already but I am writing this to tell you that as a photographer, this is sage advice.

You should print your photographs.

Following the feedback from the Judges at the Royal Photographic Society, I decided to make the recommended changes before submitting my work to the Society.  I also decided that print was better than the screen and I was right!

I did some research to find companies that would print my shots how I wanted but wasn’t sure about what paper to pick, the size, weight etc.

I ordered a trial pack from The Print Space which contains a selection of different photographs on different papers and printed with different methods.

Previously I used to like matt finishes but after receiving this pack I was taken with the finish of the Fuji Gloss paper and the Kodak Metallic print (which I’d not seen before).

I also had a browse around what was on offer at the Photography Show.  To be honest the choice was overwhelming but I had an idea what I wanted.

I found a deal which produced 5 prints for me and I only had to pay the postage with One Vision Imaging.

I ordered 5 12×8″ glossy prints and as I intend to use them for my application to the LRPS I wanted them to look traditional so I added a white border around the photographs and set the image to scale to fit.

This meant did not have to resize the photos to match the paper size.

The prints arrived very quickly and I was very pleased with how they had turned out.

My printed selection

Each of them was clear and well produced and the glossy paper really did bring the photographs to life.

I wasn’t initially sure about the 5 photographs I picked but after seeing them in print I was confident I made the right choices.

I was also very pleased to see these photos, my photos printed and replicated so well.  I was humbled that these were photographs I had taken and seeing them printed like this meant they were something real and tangible.  It was a moment to feel really proud.

When investigating the photographs I could clearly see why the judges had recommended the changes I should make before my submission, things were so much clearer in print.

In fact, I spotted something else…

I really like this photograph.  I call it Wisdom.

Wisdom, Google Pixel 3, printed on Fujifilm Glossy paper

I have looked at this many times but never studied it.  It was only once printed I realised what I needed to do to improve this photograph further.

Can you see what I saw?

The sections I spotted once printed

The sign is distracting and takes your eye away from the figure.

It’s also much sharper than the rest of the photograph which means your eye is not drawn to the main character.

I have therefore made two amendments:

  1. I have cropped the image to cut out some of the distraction from the sign
  2. I have applied a mask to keep the gentleman sharp in the frame but to darken and blur the background

I’ve now exported the new copy and have sent it off for printing with the rest of the photographs I want to submit to the RPS.

If you have never printed your photographs before I highly recommend it.  There are plenty of options or deals out there to find what is best for you.  Order a trial pack if you’re not sure what look you would like and pick what feels right for you and your style of photography.

The latest edit Wisdom?  Here you go…


I say “latest edit” as I want to see how this turns out in print before I decide if this is the final edit…  This edit does look more pleasing though.

What do you think?

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